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More News! You can download Pablo's new story on his blog: "Rosa et Sorbus".

News! Pablo's latest story, "Watching Xanadu" (written as Paul Bailey, his real name), is part of a collection of spanking fiction curated by Abel and Haron of the Spanking Writers. See their blog to find out how to buy a copy and help fight cancer. There's also more on Pablo/Paul's (occasionally-)kinky blog.

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Welcome to our little home from home on the web!

billions and billions people have climbed the rope ladder since February 23, 2000, but it seems to be holding up well. We last renovated the treehouse on September 7, 2011. Here's what we've changed.

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Who are these people? Find out all about Pablo & Mija.

And meet the Treehouse cast of characters.

Then read some of our real-life accounts.

They're quite rambling, but you might like our chats with P&M.

What's on our minds today (Mija says "please sign!"). Here's the poster.

  [Million for Marriage]

We've written stories about us, but there are lots more by Mija, and even some by Pablo.

Here are Mija's tales from St. Clare School. For a darker read, try Mija's The Way It Really Is.

Best of all, we've a brilliant collection of stories by friends of ours.


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Enough reading already! Time to Play? Open up our toy-box.

Rummage around in the game cupboard.

And, for bedtime reading, browse our bookshelf.

Here are some personal pages we like.

And some useful kinky info resources and products and vendors we'd recommend.

But man cannot live by kink alone, so there's kinkless stuff too.


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